Week 4 / Seachtain 4

This week’s topics were sound recording and podcasting!


[IMAGE]: Musician/artist/Twitterer Amanda Palmer, on a stage and standing on a green crate, with arms outstretched and holding a white flower in her right hand. Image source: NPR

I’ve never actively followed any regular podcasts, but actually thinking about it I realise that there are quite a few that have resonated with me over the years. The main one I’d associate with would be TED Talks. The above image is taken from one of my favourite TED Talks, by Amanda Palmer (which you can listen to or watch here). I also really enjoyed this particular podcast that came out this week on NPR. There’s definitely something off about the sound on the presenter’s mic in this one – like she’s talking into a steel bucket. Seemingly Neko was given a better mic during the interview.

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