Week 8 / Seachtain 8

Screen shot 2016-04-02 at 17.31.33

[IMAGE]: Screen-grab of 9 thumbnail images from OneDrive, to which I uploaded videos from my phone so I could download and re-use them when I got to my computer. 

The topic of this week’s lecture was video editing. The lecturer gave a brief introduction to some entry level video editing software, apps and websites. These included iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, Vine, and YouTube and WeVideo. These are not professional video editing suites, but do have a useful amount of features for everyday editing. The basis of shooting video is very similar to the techniques used in static photography, and a lot of the theory overlaps between the two.

Here is the video I created using YouTube editor. I looked for some music that would suit it but decided to let the ocean do the talking instead! I used the 8mm filter to give it a vintage/hipster feel, and added two annotations as well. A word of warning for anyone used to using iMovie who starts to use YouTube editor: do not hit backspace when you have a clip selected. It won’t delete the clip. Instead, you’ll go back a page and lose any unpublished progress.

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